10 Ways to Care for Your Caregiver


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November is National Family Caregiver’s Month – a perfect time to give an extra “thank you” to all of the professionals, spouses, parents, children, friends and family members who selflessly help take care of a loved one who is fighting cancer. Caregivers come from all over, walking with people facing cancer every step of the way.

This Caregiver’s Month, show your caregiver how much you appreciate his or her support. The cancer journey can be challenging for all loved ones involved.

Try some – or all – of these 10 tips to show the caregiver in your life how much you appreciate him or her:

  1. If it is possible, treat your caregiver to a special day to show your appreciation – shopping, the spa or anything else they may enjoy.
  2. If you are able, go with your caregiver to his or her favorite activity.
  3. Bring your caregiver something special this month – a favorite candy, flowers or a card.
  4. Help your caregiver create his or her own list of to-dos – like finding time for physical activity, alone time, health check-ups, relaxation exercises, or fun hobbies that help them unwind.
  5. Let them know that it is okay to make themselves a priority. Just because they need time by themselves does not mean they are a bad caregiver!
  6. Help your caregiver plan ahead for tasks if you are able, like making a grocery list or planning out logistics for doctor appointments.
  7. Ask for extras support from family or friends so that your primary caregiver does not feel alone.
  8. Encourage your caregiver to connect with other caregivers in the community.
  9. Always keep good communication a priority and let them know your communication goals so they can stay on pace with you.
  10. e sure to remind your caregiver how thankful you are for him or her! Caregivers are key members of your healthcare team, walking with you from diagnosis through survivorship.

Sources: ShareCare

3 Responses to “10 Ways to Care for Your Caregiver”

  1. Manpreet Singh Dhalla

    Although we more than halfway through December, still these tips to thank the caregiver can work really well. One can use one or more of these things a Christmas gift for a caregiver who works so ardently to keep our senior comfortable and happy. The basic point is to let them know that their efforts are appreciated and they mean a lot to everyone.

  2. Dr Monica

    Let’s make caring for the caregivers an ongoing task, instead of allotting one day for the purpose. After all, healthy and relaxed caregivers can help their clients and families and serve them to the best of their abilities!

  3. Erik Gans

    It is never the wrong time to thank your caregiver. However, this may not be possible for the elderly who are suffering from serious conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia. In such cases, the family and children of the dependent should take it upon themselves to make a caregiver feel special. If it is a family caregiver, then other family members can offer to do a number of chores or contribute some time to the caregiving duties, so the primary caregiver can take some time off.


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