What is Chemotherapy, and How Does It Work?

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What is chemotherapy? Cancer chemotherapy is a treatment regimen that uses drugs to kill cancer cells, or inhibit their ability to grow. Unlike radiation and surgery, however, the medication is systemic, which means it travels throughout the body to find and attack the cancer cells that may have spread, or metastasized, to other areas. Because … Continued

How Registrars Help Drive Cancer Data Insights


Gathering and analyzing data is an important and growing trend in the healthcare industry, and more specifically, within the cancer community. Data on cancer cases can provide a wealth of information to help cancer specialists offer more effective and cutting-edge treatments to their patients. Today marks the beginning of National Cancer Registrars Week, which highlights … Continued

You’ve Heard of Rehab … But Do You Know About Prehab?

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While the idea of undergoing rehabilitation after treatment for cancer may be familiar to most patients, the concept of prehabilitation, therapy before your treatment, probably is not. So what is it, and why do you need it? TriStar Centennial Medical Center’s Director of Rehabilitation, Jeff LeCates, and Mardys Hewgley, physical therapist, explain how prehabilitation (prehab) … Continued