5 Facts You Should Know About ALK-Positive Lung Cancer

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ALK-positive lung cancer (also known as ALK-rearranged lung cancer) occurs when a region of the DNA in a cell is rearranged, which then creates a signal causing lung cancer cells to grow. Here are five facts about ALK-positive lung cancer anyone with lung cancer should know. 1. ALK-positive lung cancer is rare. Only one in … Continued

Know the Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer


Lung cancer is the leading cause of death due to cancer in America (27% of all cancer deaths.) There are approximately 224,210 new cases of lung cancer (116,000 in men and 108,210 in women), and an estimated 159,260 deaths (86,930 in men and 72,330 among women) each year (American Cancer Society, 2014.) More men and … Continued