Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy: What to Know

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You’ve completed a breast biopsy and have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Your surgeon has presented you with two treatment options: lumpectomy vs mastectomy. How do you know which one to choose? “Sarah Cannon physicians and navigators want you to be a key decision-maker when choosing your treatment options,” said Crystal Dugger, Assistant Vice President, … Continued

Pros and Cons of Breast Self Exams

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Should I Perform Breast Self Exams? When it comes to breast self exams (BSE), there has been some conflicting information in the news. On the one hand, research shows that breast cancer survival was not improved, whether women performed a BSE. However, many healthcare professionals emphasize that there are still reasons to do them. “Most gynecologists … Continued

What to Know About Clinical Trials

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What are clinical trials? Clinical trials, also known as medical research studies, are carefully designed tests of medicines and treatment options under the supervision of a physician. These studies rely on people, called study participants, to try the new medicine or treatment that may have fewer side effects, or provide an effective treatment that is … Continued

The Importance of Nurse Navigation

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For newly-diagnosed patients, breast cancer is foreign territory, full of unfamiliar and potentially frightening words. Decisions need to be made, options reviewed and weighed—and all while trying to handle day-to-day personal obligations that don’t stop just because of a cancer diagnosis. Sarah Cannon created a nurse navigation system, with specially-trained nurse navigators that support patients as … Continued