How to Combat Fatigue During the Cancer Journey

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One of the most common side effects of cancer treatment is feeling fatigued. Fatigue arises because your body is working hard to fight off cancer cells and rebuild healthy cells, which takes a massive amount of energy. The cancer journey can affect patients both physically and emotionally, as they add doctor appointments and treatments into … Continued

Exercise and Cancer: What Do I Need to Know?

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Should I exercise during cancer treatment? Does exercising reduce the risk of cancer? Does exercise help reduce the risk of cancer returning? The short answers to these questions are yes. A balanced lifestyle, including regular exercise, helps keep your body stronger and healthier, especially during and after the cancer journey. In one recent study conducted, … Continued

7 Tips for Coping with Scan Anxiety


If you are a cancer survivor and have felt anxious about an upcoming scan such as X-ray, CT scan, or MRI during or after your treatment, you are not alone. Some patients call it PSS, Pre-Scan Syndrome and others call it “Scanxiety.” Scans can often bring feelings of uneasiness and nervousness, as patients cope with … Continued

Get to Know Sarah Cannon

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Sarah Cannon is a global network of cancer experts offering integrated care with convenient access to cutting-edge therapies for those facing cancer in communities across the U.S. and UK. The Sarah Cannon Cancer Network is made of an engaged team of physicians, nurses, patient navigators, researchers, and partners all working together to advance the fight against … Continued