Tips For Coping With Changing Physical Appearance

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Cancer is a life-changing journey that affects patients and their loved ones emotionally and physically. Some patients may experience side effects from treatments that can alter their physical appearance. Here are a few simple tricks to help you cope with some of the most common appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment: Hair: Use gentle shampoos … Continued

Bladder Cancer Treatments


Treatment options for bladder cancer are determined based on the cancer’s stage: Stage 0 (applicable in papillary carcinoma and carcinoma in situ), Stage I, Stage II, Stage III or Stage IV. There are four standard treatments – surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and biologic therapy – which are used alone and in combinations to treat bladder … Continued

Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer


While prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men in the United States, the incidence rate has been declining since the early 1990s. Currently, there are seven types of treatment for prostate cancer that are considered standard, with more being studied in clinical trials.   Standard Treatments for Prostate Cancer Watchful waiting Generally … Continued

Ask the Expert: Gene-Based Testing for Early Stage Breast Cancer

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time to educate yourself and your loved ones on the signs, symptoms and treatment options for breast cancer. If you or someone you know is diagnosed with breast cancer, it is important to understand the treatment options available so you can stay updated on your care plan throughout … Continued

Common Chemotherapy Side Effects and Suggestions for Coping

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Chemotherapy is an effective weapon against cancer with the capability either to inhibit new cell growth or destroy or shrink existing cells. But the very properties that make chemotherapy a potent enemy of cancer cells can cause side effects, since the medication will attack all rapidly dividing cells not discriminating between cancer cells and healthy ones. Healthy … Continued