7 Questions to Ask When Considering a Clinical Trial

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Did you know every cancer treatment available today started in a clinical trial? Clinical trials are an integral part of advancing the standard of care for those facing cancer. If you’re thinking about participating in a clinical trial, it is important to find the best trial option for your type of cancer and to understand … Continued

Why Should I Enroll in a Clinical Trial?

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Clinical trials are an integral part of cancer research, as today’s trials are tomorrow’s treatments. Today, May 20th, is International Clinical Trials Day a time raise awareness about the importance of clinical trials and educate patients on what they can expect while on a study. Patients often have many questions surrounding clinical trials- How do … Continued

Sarah Cannon Blood Cancer Research

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Across the Sarah Cannon Blood Cancer Network, we are conducting clinical trials to advance therapies for those facing blood cancer. Through our network of physicians and researchers, blood cancer patients have convenient access to the latest treatment options. Learn more from Paul Shaughnessy, MD, program medical director of two Texas-based Sarah Cannon Blood Cancer Network … Continued

Judy’s Breast Cancer Journey

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Judy is a 56-year-old nurse practitioner and 26-year military veteran who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, entered remission for 10 years, but then had a recurrence of her breast cancer in December 2012. Judy’s cancer progressed despite hormone therapy so her medical oncologist at Tennessee Oncology, Dr. Patrick Murphy, referred her to Sarah … Continued