Immunotherapy & Melanoma

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Treatment types for melanoma skin cancer can vary, depending on skin type, cancer type, how much the cancer has spread and by its stage. Common treatment options for melanoma include surgery, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, radiation, clinical trials and immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a type of biological therapy that uses targeted drugs to convince the body’s immune … Continued

The Latest Developments in Blood Cancer Treatment

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If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a blood cancer, you may be wondering what the latest advancements are for this type of cancer. Learn more about innovative treatments from Ian Flinn, MD, director of the blood cancer research program at Sarah Cannon Research Institute, and be sure to talk to your … Continued

Ask the Cancer Expert: What Advancements Should We Look Forward to in 2016?


2015 was a year of many milestones for cancer research. 2016 brings even more opportunities and exciting advancements for the future of cancer care, many of which are already well underway. Sarah Cannon’s President of Clinical Operations and Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of the Drug Development Program at Sarah Cannon Research Institute, Howard … Continued

What is CAR T-Cell Therapy?

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If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, you may have heard about a new cancer treatment, called CAR (chimeric antigen receptors) T-Cell therapy, and may be wondering what it is and what impact it may have on cancer treatment. CAR T-Cells are genetically modified to help the immune system recognize and … Continued

Bladder Cancer Treatments


Treatment options for bladder cancer are determined based on the cancer’s stage: Stage 0 (applicable in papillary carcinoma and carcinoma in situ), Stage I, Stage II, Stage III or Stage IV. There are four standard treatments – surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and biologic therapy – which are used alone and in combinations to treat bladder … Continued