What is Immunotherapy?

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In the last few years, the immunotherapies used in clinical trials have demonstrated success for the treatment of certain cancers. If your oncologist has recommended immunotherapy as part of your cancer treatment plan, you may be wondering what it is and how it works. Here are answers to some of the common questions about this … Continued

The Benefits of Nurse Navigators

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Throughout the cancer journey, a cancer patient can see up to 8 different cancer experts from diagnosis through recovery. Sarah Cannon’s specially-trained nurse navigators assist patients through their journeys, connecting them with healthcare team members, answering questions related to their treatment plan and helping them digest new information. With compassion and knowledge of a patient’s … Continued

Sarah Cannon’s Nurse Navigators

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A cancer diagnosis can often be overwhelming as it brings new and unfamiliar words, decisions, and emotions for patients. Balancing day-to-day obligations along with the appointments and stresses of a cancer diagnosis can be challenging. Sarah Cannon nurse navigators, who specialize in cancer care, walk with you through your journey, serving as a resource and … Continued

Radiation Oncology 101


At least 50% of all cancer patients receive radiation therapy at some stage during the course of their treatment. This type of cancer therapy uses targeted doses of high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells in the body. As technology advances, radiation oncology is becoming more precise in targeting cancer sites ultimately leading to better patient … Continued

Virtual Cancer Conferences at Sarah Cannon

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Many cancer cases are complex and require the expertise of oncologists and physicians from across multiple specialties. Sarah Cannon offers patients the benefits of a multidisciplinary cancer care team without needing to travel or use extensive resources. Through virtual cancer conferences, Sarah Cannon brings together specialists from across the country to discuss patient cases and … Continued